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Elevate Festival


The Graz Festival of contemporary music, arts & political discourse.


Thinking people, who have a quick tongue, a passion for celebrations, dance shoes and the heart in the right place. Those are the personalities that haunt the Elevate Festival annually in the stony heart of Graz. Heart of stone?


This is of course the "Schlossberg", where two of the venues of the Elevate Festival were built in the rock. For four days, from October 23 to 27 2013, the heads and the soles will be spinning on the dance floors in the Styrian capital. During the Elevate Festival there is the opportunity to discuss topics of burning interests. On the other hand, the Elevate Festival has a line-up that comes close to the size of a phone book -  at least almost.



Elevate Special


Because we are so close to the action, we created an Elevate special for you! The special is available from October 25 to 27, 2013.

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Elevate special


Elevate Special


So that you don’t miss anything and that you can  turn the night into day, we have an Elevate special - from October 25 to 27, 2013 - for you:


  • One 2-day-festival-pass per person for Friday and Saturday
  • Two overnight stays including breakfast


starting from 282 Euro per double room (141 Euro per person)


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Entering new Spheres of thinking and sounds of Music


A new universe opens up. Infinite one widths. Both in terms of music, as well as in brain cells. During the day you hurry from one lecture to the next one, participate in workshops and in the evening you hit the dance floor to your favourite DJ's live beats. People from Germany, South Tyrol, Croatia, Slovenia or England join in and soon you forget that you are in Graz. It feels more like an international no man's land, in the midst of friends, likeminded people and strong personalities. Always in balance between anonymity and the spotlights. Just as it should be at a festival.



The overview map of the elevate festival


The map shows the best of Graz - the locations, some of the Graz Secrets and our hotels. Graz Secrets? Yes, with the Graz Secrets we show you the top secret tips of the city. We even created a special festival tour in our app for the Elevate Festival. So have a look where everything takes place!






Gray tunnel, green heart


Bernhard Styrian, Daniel Erlach and Roland Oreski operate with the Elevate Festival an audience that already knows exactly what it wants. They get their inspirations from the big metropolises in the world and bring them back to the tranquil  Styria - a green heart for the big world. Therefore everybody comes to Graz and finds something for theirselves - from the organic farmer to the do-gooder to the music freak. Breeding ground for cultural exchange. Booming music in the gray tunnels and caves of the "Schlossberg". Entertainment. Joy. Openness. Internationality. The cosmopolitan influence from Berlin, London or New York is noticeable. The paragons Sonar Festival in Barcelona or the Unsound in Krakau can be mentionend in the same breath as the Elevate Festival in Graz.



Elevate Awards


Since 2012 the Elevate Festival also awards prizes. In addition to the Elevate Award Styria, also the Elevate Activism Award and the International Award. Those get awarded to people, projects or initiatives that sustain and innovate the improvement of our society. Interesting criterion is that this award is only for people who have not been showered with awards, so it should help them to establish themselves and to present their outstanding work to the world.